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Money Mistakes That Can Mess Up Your Marriage


If there's one thing I've learned from the adults in my life, it's to make damn sure to keep your finances in check!  Things can become messy if you and your significant other aren't on the same page financially; here are some of the money mistakes that can mess up your marriage, via MoneyNewsTalk.

*Thinking your spouse's debt is not your problem.
I'm a single guy, and the way a woman handles her finances is a major factor in whether or not I'd consider marrying her.  Call me crazy, but I refuse to allow anyone to drag me down into their financial abyss!  It's important to know where their finances stand and what debt they have; saying "I didn't know my spouse racked up $100,000 in debt last week!" won't be much of an excuse when the IRS comes looking for payment.

*Not having ground rules for how to handle money
How are we paying for what?  How much of a spending allowance are we each allowed?  Knowing what we can and can't do with our money ahead of time is way better than being resentful because my spouse decided to spend $1,000 on clothes without shopping, or me just going out and getting a new car without warning.

*Keeping secrets and hiding money from your spouse.
Unless of course you're using that secret money to buy me a present.

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