Tax Preparation | Ramona's Money Saving Tips

Do-it-yourselfers rejoice!

Doing your own taxes is a cost-efficient way to file, and a great way to save time and money on your taxes is to e-file. Plus it's the fastest way to get your refund!

On top of that, you can track your refund when you e-file. Not only do you receive word from the IRS whe they've received your tax return, you'll also be able to track the status of your tax refund once your tax return is accepted. 

If your tax return is more complex than you're comfortable handling on your own, many accountants are going to bill you based on how much time it takes to prepare your return. There are some simple things that slow them down and make you pay more money, and here's a few tips to avoid them:

*Don't use staples.

*Take everything out of envelopes. 

*Keep all receipts neatly filed in a clean envelope. 

For more info on how to save money when filing your taxes, click here:

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