The Grammy's Go To Church

One of the rising stars at the Grammy's last night was none other than 2014 breakout artist, Hozier

Capping out his year he performed "Take Me To Church" on one of the largest stages of the year, with an unexpected and spell binding guest...

Annie Lennox.

Yes, you heard me correct. And though most millennials may have only just met her last night, most of us were aware that she could bring the house down. 

I believe Jane Lynch said it most appropriately: 



Though one of the trending quotes for the day is, if Annie Lennox were a religion, I'd go to church daily.

If you missed their performance check out the video below. As Hozier finished out his song, they transition in to Annie's new cover of the SScreamin' Jay Hawkins' 1956 classic "I Put A Spell On You.


 If that teaser leaves you wanting more, look no further than the upcoming release of 50 Shades of Grey. Annie's cover is featured on the soundtrack as well as her album "Nostalgia."

Or, if you're impatient (and haven't registered for our 50 Shades of Grey Premiere) you can listen to a special release of the song below: