Beards Are Disgusting According To Science

Science is such an amazing thing, but it can also be quite gross. Ignorance is bliss right? Sometimes walking around oblivious in this world is a much better place to be. Science has made me become boarder line OCD about sanitizing my purse on a daily basis. Do you know how many poo particles and gross things hand out on a woman's handbag? It's like a freakin' petri dish. 

Now the latest scary scientific report is dealing with men and their facial hair. I can appreciate a man with a beard from a distance. Some men look super hot rocking a lot of facial hair. But then I think about kissing a guy with a bushy beard and all the yucky hair that I may get in my mouth. Yucky! No thank you. 

Hair should be the least of our worries though according to a new study. What does a beard have in common with a toilet? Apparently they harbor the same amount of bacteria!!! 

According to KOAT Albuquerque, several anonymous men allowed a microbiologist to swab their beards for bacterial testing. A few of the beards contained your standard stuff while others revealed to have the kind found in fecal matter. Fecal matter is just another nice way of saying poo particles!!! 

Beards needs to be washed just like hands after the bathroom apparently. 

And I'd imagine after going out to eat at say an Indian Restaurant that a man's beard would be extra stinky. This is why I am happy my guy has minimal facial hair.