Starbucks Employee's Flip Out Caught On Video

I feel like now a days customer servie is either really great or flat out horrible. Sometimes I even feel like there wasn't really a customer service experience when the person checking you out doesn't say a single word. 

I am sure we can all share a few horror stories about poor customer service. But what about when that really bad experience is caught on video? Eek! That's the case here.

It all happened in Queens, NY. A shift manager at Starbucks goes ape poop crazy on a customer she suspects stole a cookie straw. They have a straw made of cookie? Ruby Chen ordered a Frappuccino with a "special" (cookie) straw, she didn't hear a different employee ask her name as she pulled up her Starbucks app on her phone to pay, she wrote. Chen said the shift supervisor, Melissa, then shouted "Hellooo."

"Sorry I don't hear you, but you don't have to yell," Chen said of the incident on Facebook, adding that she still doesn't know what set her off.

Melissa then moved the scanner away from Chen, not allowing her to pay, and accused her of trying to steal the straw in her hand and holding up the line of the crowded Starbucks, Chen wrote [on her Facebook page].

And that's when it gets a bit out of hand!

I feel like stuff like this only happens in NY! Although I know bad customer service is everywhere. I just think it wouldn't have become such a scene here. 

Apparently, shift manager Melissa was fired by Starbucks although she claims she quit.

What was your worst customer service experience? 

Mine happened just outside of Philly. It was a Sunday and I was growing around the mall. I was looking at the perfume in one of the larger anchor department stores and found something I absolutely loved. The sales woman came up and asked me if she could help me. I said "this smells great...what is it and how much is it?" Her response...It's too expensive for you! Oh hell no she didn't! I was dressed down in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but wasn't scrubby or anything. So how did I handle it? I bought six bottles. How dare that woman assume I couldn't afford a bottle of the perfume. I took it back the next day and made the manager aware of my horrid experience.