Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe On The 4th

Who's excited to see some beautiful fireworks this weekend? While most of us will be oohing and awing, our four legged friends will be cowering in the corner. 

Pets and fireworks typically don't mix. The loud noises tend to make most animals very anxious. Did you know that the 4th of July weekend is the time when most pets go missing? Here are a few tips to keep your dog and other pets safe over the long holiday weekend.


-Equip your pet with collar IDs and microchips.
-Turn up the TV to mask the sound of fireworks.
-Make sure your dog has plenty of water, as stress causes them to pant.
-Give them something to chew on.
-Take your dog to a fireworks show.
-Leave them outside.
-Approach dogs under stress. 
Hopefully most people already know these little do's an don'ts!!! Enjoy your weekend and treat Fido to some extra treats on Monday after all the booms and bangs are done.