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Disney World Taken Over By Maleficent VIA Lightening!

This is so cool. Creepy, but cool!

Over the weekend, Maleficent-esque lightening took over Cinderella's Castle. (Yes, we get it's not Sleeping Beauty's but follow the coolness of this.)

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The Magic Kingdom was privy to some insane lightening before their fireworks show, according to Buzzfeed, and as a kid, I probably would have thought one of the Disney villains was taking over. 

I really love lightning. #lightning #dcp2015 #storm #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld #cinderellascastle

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I mean, that's just nuts. Right behind the castle. 

Another theory? Tinkerbell Exploded!

As soon as the storm cleared, the fireworks went on. 


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