Moms Around The World Post #BumpDay Selfies! SEE WHY!

The front of the website says the following statement: "A healthy mom and a healthy pregnancy can impact a child for a lifetime. But what happens when there’s no access to healthcare, what happens when nutrition isn’t made a priority? Overwhelming challenges can make pregnancy and childbirth perilous for too many moms and babies around the world."

Heidi Murkoff, the author of "What To Expect When You're Expecting" wrote a piece for The Huffington Post, explaining why she's teaming up with, International Medical Corps, 1,000 Days, and the United Nations Foundation, so that women who are in need of pregnancy care can get the help they deserve through the right channels and promote healthy beginnings with healthy pregnancies.

Using the #BumpDay hashtag, women are sharing all types of baby bumps on Instagram and Twitter to show support for the other moms, whether it be a throwback bump, or a present day bump.


For more information, check out the following links, and also check Instagram to see the #BabyBumps:

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