Kelly Ripa's Husband Agrees With Bieber - Kelly Is Hot!

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa's Husband, takes a good attitude toward Justin Bieber having an unrequited crush on his wife.

For some reason, Justin posted an Instagram of Kelly Ripa in lingerie 2 weeks ago:

Kelly addressed it on LIVE! with Kelly & Michael, in which Michael almost spit out his coffee to Kelly's response.

"I believe this is a cry for help."

It sent the crowd into a fit of laughter, and she joked that "You can see all of these curves in person," when Michael Strahan suggested Bieber come to the studio.

Apparently when Mark found out, he said to Kelly "Where did they find that picture?"

When Consuelos appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, someone called in and asked Mark how he felt about the whole thing:

Mark said "I thought it was fantastic. I agreed with what he said; she makes me feel a certain way as well."

Christina Applegate was also on the show with him, which they both concluded they needed t-shirts that said "You can't be mad at Justin Bieber."

So funny! #hotmamacrush for JB!


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