Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Tom Brady Scary Courtroom Sketch Goes Viral

I am by no means a fan of Tom Brady or the New England Patriots. But I can whole heartedly admit that Tom is an attractive man. I'm pretty sure most people would agree he's good looking even if you hate him.

Brady is currently in court for the Deflategate charges. And since cameras are not allowed in the courtroom, there's a sketch artist on hand to provide drawings of all the drama that's going down. 

Well the sketch artist clearly has some sort of aversion to Tom because he sketches make him look like a villain. The sketches have gone viral and are getting some pretty hilarious responses on twitter.

Does that look like Tom Brady to you? Yeah me either! 

And here are some of the memes are creative things people have done with the sketch!

The sketch artist, Jane Rosenberg told the New York Daily to "Tell Tom Brady, I'm sorry!"

This one may be my favorite!

Hope you got a kick out of them like I did!