Dancing With The Stars Contestants Promos With 'Nae Nae' Dance

So, if you've not already seen Silento's "Nae Nae" dance, you may not know exactly what the 'Nae Nae' is. Well, you're in luck, because neither do these Dancing With The Stars contestants. 

For context, here's the pros from DWTS knocking it out of the park, so you know what you should be seeing:

And now, the contestants:

Big Time Rush's Carlos PenaVega

Spy Kids star Alexa PenaVega

Backstreet Boys Nick Carter

Singer Chaka Khan

Animal Activist Bindi Irwin

Internet Personality Hayes Grier

Horse Jockey Victor Espinoza


I, for one, am sad that there isn't a video of Paula Deen doing this yet...


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