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Jessica Alba's 'Honest Company' Sued For $5Mil

Jessica Alba is taking a hit with her Honest Company after people started noticing the sunscreen wasn't working. I guess folks decided to investigate what else wasn't working - but in fact, they found much more.

Turns out that Honest Company was mislabeling their products, and there were in fact chemicals in it - something Honest Company has sworn they don't use, and made their bank on being the company with natural ingredients.

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I guess they aren't very HONEST after all. Jezebel reports that Women's Wear Daily says some of the products include "synthetic chemicals such as Methylisothiazolinone and Phenoxyethanol, both synthetic preservatives, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, a synthetic surfactant, and Sodium Polycrylate, a petrochemical-based additive.”

In otherwords, it's not "au naturel."

According to the report, Alba has yet to comment.