Honey Boo Boo Attempts To Become Music Star

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo the reality tv show featuring Alana Thompson and her family got the axe from TLC earlier this year. Alana became an overnight sensation after appearing on Toddlers and Tiaras and soon got her own reality tv show. But her mother, Mama June's relationship with an alleged child molester caused a lot of controversy and TLC cancelled the show permanently. 

Apparently the family wasn't ready for their 15 minutes of fame to end because they have a new venture for Alana. She's trying to break into the music industry and she's released her first song.

If you thought Alana was annoying on either of the two reality shows mentioned above...well you haven't seen anything yet. 

Check out Movin' Up below.

Please tell me this is some sort of really late April Fools joke! Is she trying to rap or is that a really bad attempt at singing!!! 

Alana’s family was also involved in the song. Her parents, "Mama June" and "Sugar Bear" make cameos in the music video, while Alana’s 16-year old sister Lauryn Shannon aka "Pumpkin" is a featured vocalist on the track. The video was posted on GR Media’s Youtube account.

Of course her family was involved in the song. They were making boat loads of cash from the reality show on TLC and now that that's gone they are scrambling to make more money!