Drinking This Could Indicate You're A Psychopath?

Some of these studies that come out are pretty ridiculous and some are pretty fascinating. A new study that came out today has me really scratching my head though.

This study says that people who prefer bitter tasting foods and drinks indicate you have psychopathic tendencies. Some of the items listed under bitter drinks fyi would include coffee.

Did you have a coffee this morning? Did you have six coffees this morning? Yup, you could be a psychopath. Also on the list of bitter drinks is gin and tonic. It's a bit early for one of those, but perhaps that's your go to drink after work... again you may be a psychopath.

Psychologists have found that those with a preference for bitter tastes were more likely to exhibit signs of Machiavellianism, sadism, and narcissism.

That is, they were more prone to being duplicitous and self-serving, cold-hearted and lacking in empathy, vain and selfish, and more likely to derive pleasure from other people's pain.

The findings of the study provide the 'first empirical evidence that bitter taste preferences are linked to malevolent personality traits,' said the researchers from Innsbruck University in Austria, who studied 1,000 people in two separate experiments.

'The results suggest that how much people like bitter-tasting foods and drinks is stably tied to how dark their personality is.'

I LOVE coffee, but I don't think I have a dark personality. I also don't think I am a psychopath. Take away my coffee and we may have a huge problem!

Bitter foods include unsweetened cocoa, black coffee, radishes and the quinine in tonic water.

And if you love bitter food ad drinks and have a wider head you have an even bigger chance of being a psychopath.

Having a wider face has been linked with higher levels of attraction and aggression, and recent research suggested it may also be a sign of psychopathy.

A study of students and prison inmates found that men with a higher facial width-to-height ratio were more likely to exhibit what's known as 'self-centred impulsivity'.

Now there's some office talk to have around the coffee pot for your Monday!