10 Adorable Costumes For Your Four-Legged Friend

Halloween is the perfect time for everyone to get decked out in a costume-you, your kids, and yes-even your four-legged friend.

Of course not all family pets are down for getting decked out in a full on costume. I have two cats and two years ago I bought them the cutest costumes. My older cat, Skylar Lee, was a shark and my then kitten, Sheba Lee, was a donkey. They looked so cute, but hated every second they were wearing the costume.

There's still plenty of time to go buy or even make a costume for your pet. I think dogs are more down for being dressed up though.

Here are some costumes I found that are completely adorable for your pet this year!

1. Peacock

2. A Chia "Pet"

3. Star Wars Characters

4. The Pope

5. CatDracula

6. iPhone


7. A Star Wars Ewok

8. A Taco