10 Adorable Costumes For Your Four-Legged Friend

Halloween is the perfect time for everyone to get decked out in a costume-you, your kids, and yes-even your four-legged friend.

Of course not all family pets are down for getting decked out in a full on costume. I have two cats and two years ago I bought them the cutest costumes. My older cat, Skylar Lee, was a shark and my then kitten, Sheba Lee, was a donkey. They looked so cute, but hated every second they were wearing the costume.

There's still plenty of time to go buy or even make a costume for your pet. I think dogs are more down for being dressed up though.

Here are some costumes I found that are completely adorable for your pet this year!

1. Peacock

2. A Chia "Pet"

3. Star Wars Characters

4.Β The Pope

5. CatDracula

6. iPhone


7. A Star Wars Ewok

8. A Taco

9. Poo Emoji

10. Sushi Roll

My guess is the Star Wars costumes will be the most popular and probably the Pope since he was recently visiting the US. As for my two cats, they won't be getting dressed up this year. They only wear their costumes for a few minutes so I can snap a picture and it's not worth spending the money.