Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Lamar Odom Fans Offering Up Kidneys On Twitter

Lamar Odom is doing better after he was found unresponsive last week at a Nevada Brothel. But he's definitely still not out of the woods. Multiple sources are saying he will require extensive rehabilitation  and it's not 100% clear how much damage was done from the drug overdose.

Earlier this week multiple websites were reporting that Lamar's kidneys were still failing. He's currently on dialysis, but could need a kidney transplant down the road. Of course doctors treating Lamar are hopefully that his kidneys will start functioning again.

In the mean time, fans are taking to social media to offer up one of their kidneys to the ailing Odom.

Some fans of the former NBA star are straight up willing to donate the kidney like the guy below!

And other fans are offering up their healthy kidneys if they get paid by the star!