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Judge On TSwift Plagiarism Case Tells Plaintiff To 'Shake It Off' - FOR REAL

Jessie Braham got a taste of the Spirit of the Swiftie as his case was dismissed by United States District Court Judge Gail Standish, as he sued Taylor Swift for her lyrics to "Shake It Off."

But what was more brilliant about this, was that Judge Standish used Taylor Swift lyrics to tell Jessie that Taylor was "Out of the Woods" when it came to this case.

The commended conclusion, according to the paperwork, states that "Braham can never, ever, ever get his case back in court," and that "we have problems, and the Court is not sure Braham can solve them."

Furthermore, "the Compliant has a blank space - one that requires Braham to do more than write his name," and that "Band-aids will not fix the bullet holes in his case."

Oh, and the "Defendants have shaken off this lawsuit."

Guess that's how you get the girl, Braham.

See the supposed court documents below:



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