(Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Instagram Aww's! A Social Media Roundup

Here's some really cute posts that have been surfacing lately on social media. We've been thinking that we need more positive types of posts in this world, so check out these awe-inspiring shots! 

Beyonce Dancing With Blue Ivy - A Mother/Daughter Moment


Lady Gaga Shares A No-Makeup Selfie With Taylor Kinney


Liam Hemsworth Adopts A Dog - And Miley Sent Him To That Shelter! Good Terms Exes!


A Diva-Off Between Taraji P. Henson and Miss Piggy


Uzo Goes Glinda! The Wiz Live Shares It's Pictures With EW


Sam Smith Has Snuggle Time With His Dad


And Then, Ariana Grande Saw This Man - And It's A Message We Needed


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