LONDON - JULY 10: In this photo illustration a girl browses the social networking site Facebook on July 10, 2007 in London, England. Facebook has been rapidly catching up on MySpace as the premier social networking website and as of July 2007 was the secondmost visited such site on the World Wide Web. Started by 22-year-old Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg, the website is responsible for 1% of all internet traffic and is the sixth most visited site in the USA. (Photo Illustration by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Facebook Breakups Tool

Breaking Up Gets Easier on Facebook

Is your ex's new girlfriend checking up on you on Facebook? You can put a stop to that without officially blocking her.  Facebook has just rolled out some new tools to help you manage your breakup on social media.

When you change your relationship status you can choose to do several things like edit who can see your past posts associated with your ex.  You can wipe your newsfeed clean of their posts and even keep their name from being suggested when people write messages or tag friends in pics. If you don't want your ex know everything you've been up to then you can limit how much of your videos, pictures and status updates they'll be able to see.

If you want to use the breakup tools, you have to make your relationship status change through Facebook's mobile app.