Foods To Fight Off The Cold

If you are not feeling so well or have a cold, these foods might be just what you need to help you get over that nasty sickness.


1. Carrots- Being pact full of vitamin A, no more than a whole carrot or even 10 baby carrots are all you need.

2. Sweet Potatoes- With all the vitamin A you can get from carrots and a good amount of vitamin C, helping you cut down the time you keep this nasty cold of yours.

3. Navel Oranges- A regular orange or even just a cup of orange juice is filled with vitamin C and will hydrate you, which is just as important for your cold.

4. Leafy Greens- More vitamin A and C, 2 cups of it raw or 1/3 cup cooked will help your immune system fight it off.

5. Cereal- Waking up sick? Start your morning off right with the proper breakfast, filled with zinc, which will help build your immune system. Not crazy about cereal? Try scrambled eggs and mushrooms! Just as good as cereal and you have a hot breakfast to eat.

6. Almonds- Packed with vitamin E and a great snack for anytime of the day, an ounce of almonds will put a smile on your face and a boost for your body.

7. Chicken Soup- Looks like mom was right when giving you chicken soup! All the nutrients and electrolytes, it will keep you hydrated, and a warm meal helps fight off the cold.

8. Yogurt- Want to lessen a cold by a few days? Yogurt can do that with all the probiotics study says.

9. Healthy Fats- Fatty fish, flaxseed, olive oil, has great benefits to your sickness. So enjoy some healthy fatty foods while your sick, it could get you feeling better!

10. Green Tea- Warm liquid, a calming drink, nothing but goodness can come from drinking green tea, especially when you are sick.



With this list giving you some advantages in fighting off that cold, it never hurts to go to a doctor, take the necessary medicine, and rest to get over a cold. For anyone sick, we hope you get well!