Photo from @3216/Twitter

Chocolate Slices Now A Thing For Sandwiches

There are definitely some odd food trends out there. Kale chips, cricket flour for baking, and now chocolate slices to help you make the perfect sandwich. While I do really love all things chocolate, this just sounds and looks nasty!!!

First of all, why would one want to put chocolate on a sandwich? I suppose you can make a chocolate peanut butter sandwich, but Reese's makes a peanut butter cup spread that is like crack.

These chocolate slices are being made by a Japanese sweets company. The essentially look just like Kraft singles except they're made of chocolate.

I ate the Kraft singles as a child and I suppose I will use them from time to time when making grilled cheese because they do melt well. But other than that I think they're nasty!

These chocolate slices can't be good can they?