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Mother Called Disgusting After Christmas Tree Photo Goes Viral

If you've been on Facebook or Instagram or any other social media site, I am sure you've seen your fair share of Christmas Tree photos. It's just what people do as we get closer and closer to the holidays. You see another tree picture and maybe you click like, you  might even leave a comment, or you just scroll right on by. But one woman's Christmas Tree has become this huge viral debate on the internet. 

It has nothing to do with the choice of ornaments, the size of the tree, or the color of the twinkling lights. It has everything to do with the insane amount of presents that are under the tree.

Emma Tapping, a mom from the UK, posted her Christmas tree photo on Instagram. Soon she found out her photo was used on Facebook and people were calling her disgusting because of the crazy amount of presents under the tree.

Here's one of the snarky comments someone posted.

The snarky page that originally shared the photo on Facebook had over 100k shares of the photo and their not so nice comments. They shared the photo with this caption, "It’s nearly time for all the materialistic parents to compete and broadcast how many presents their kids have. Just remember theres are a lot of children who won’t get much."

People began taking other photos of her and spreading not so nice rumors about her. Gotta love the internet Trolls.

Tapping took to Facebook to defend her picture, her family, and all the presents.

People seem to think that this is an obscene amount of presents for her children. In her post Tapping says the presents are for her Kids, partner, herself, and mother.

She said, “I love Christmas and I shop savvy to give [my kids] a good Christmas,” she said. “I would happily help anyone find the bargains or give tips on how I save. I think how I spend my money on my children is my choice. You may not agree, but this is three little kids’ Christmas tree being blasted.”