(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Burger King's Newest Whopper Features A Red Bun?

In a World where we all seem to be more educated and mindful about what we are putting into our bodies, Burger King just released a new special edition of the Whopper that will make most people cringe. 

BK had dubbed this special edition Whopper as the "Angriest Whopper" because it is fiery hot with a red sesame bun!

Back around Halloween Burger King released another special Whopper that had a black sesame seed bun. Maybe you didn't try it, but you probably heard about what happened with people bowels after eating it. People were complaining that this burger's black bun turned their poop a bright green color. Yeah, that could be a bit of a surprise.

“This is the angriest Whopper ever,” the fast food chain announced in an action movie-style trailer for its sizzling new dish. The Angriest Whopper piles on jalapeno peppers, flaming onion petals, bacon, American cheese and something it calls “angry sauce,” along with the requisite lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

And the red button has hot sauce baked into it. I'm just wondering what results people may see in the toilet after consuming this special whopper and its red bun!!! Is that a GI bleed...or did I eat the Angriest Whopper recently? Yuck!

If you want to try it though, that's all on you. The Angriest Whopper hits stores for a limited time beginning March 31 which is tomorrow. And if you do try it, by all means, I want a full report.