(Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Money Can Buy Happiness After All

Remember that old saying "money can't buy happiness"? Well in 2016 that archaic saying no longer applies...

Money can now buy happiness, but it's all in how a person spends that money.

". A study published yesterday in Psychological Science analyzed 625 subjects on their personalities and spending habits, and found that people whose purchases line up with their key personality traits generate more happiness from their spending."

So what does that mean exactly? According to the study it breaks down to this.

Someone who scored well for “agreeableness” would spend more on charities and pets, and the more they spent, the more likely they were to be happy. Those who identified strongly with a “neurotic” personality type were likely to spend a lot of money on traffic fines and gambling. Similarly, people considered to be “highly conscientious” spent about $175 more each year on health and fitness than those who had a poor correlation to those personality traits.

And if you consider yourself open, you are happiest spending your hard earned cash on things like beauty, entertainment, and fashion. I think for me I fit into this category. There's nothing like going into Sephora and buying all kinds of amazing beauty products.