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Clothing Company Selling Puppies As Accessories

The prefect shoes, handbag, and jewelry can totally make or break an outfit. Accessorizing is important if you really want to look put together. But one clothing company has taken accessorizing to a very long level offering puppies as accessories.

Living things...puppies, babies, kittens, etc are not and should never be considered an accessory.

The online store, LYST, is offering over 33 different puppy breeds as accessories!

Lyst on Twitter

Introducing the Canine Collection! Be sure to compliment your summer outfit with a four legged friend pic.twitter.com/tUYMHibQSj

Really? Compliment your summer outfit with a puppy?!?!?

Lyst is allegedly offering a wide variety of 33 different dog breeds for sale including Yorkshire terriers, golden retrievers, pugs, German shepherds, dalmatians, chihuahuas, labradors, great danes, poodles and more.

Prices range from around $400 to $600. The dogs are said to be delivered right to your home.

This is so very wrong on so many levels! Sure, it's nice that an animal is getting a home, but are the people buying these adorable puppies purchasing them for the right reasons?  If you've ever had a puppy you know they require a lot of attention and training. They make messes and sometimes destroy things around the house we love.

Also with so many dogs and puppies in shelters that need homes, this just makes it all the worse. I know that adopting vs. going to a breeder is a personal choice.

This Clothing Company May Actually Be Selling Dogs As Accessories

It isn't April Fool's Day, but after stumbling upon a clothing website that claims to also sell puppies, it might as well be. Online clothing store Lyst, which caters to both male and female shoppers, is making headlines after offering an online dog store accessible through its homepage.