The Most Sleep Deprived People Are?

We know getting enough sleep is super important. But let's be honest, sometimes life happens and we don't get the required sleep we need to function at 100%! But out of all the types of people in the world, which group do you think gets the least amount of sleep?

I know for me I didn't sleep much when I was in college. that I think of it I didn't sleep much during most of my 20's and even into my early 30's. But I do not fall in the group that os most sleep deprived.

Any guesses which group of people are the MOST sleep deprived?

"It's not just mother's with newborns who don't get enough sleep — all mothers (and fathers) don't get enough sleep, but it's the single moms who are the most sleep deprived, at least according to research put out by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)."

I applaud mother's and even more so single mother's because they are constantly doing all kinds of different things for their family. They are nurses, cleaning ladies, chefs, drivers, tutors, and the list goes on and on!

The study found that single parents, especially women, were more likely than adults in other types of families to have shorter amounts of sleep, have more trouble falling and staying asleep, and often wake up not feeling well rested.

"They discovered that 44 percent of single mothers (with children under the age of 18) fail to get the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep each night. In addition, 24 percent of single moms and 17 percent of single dads reported that they had trouble falling asleep at least four times a week. And even when the parents fell asleep, a troubling 28 percent of single moms and 19 percent of single dads had difficulty staying asleep four or more times a week."

So if you have a friend that's a single mom and you want to give them a great gift, offer to take their kids for a few nights so Mom can catch up on her zzzz's!

THIS Type Of Person Is The Most Sleep Deprived, Says Science

A new CDC study says that single moms are the most sleep-deprived.