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Texting Tricks That Make You More Likable

We all want to be more likable. Apparently there are a few tricks we can do while texting that will make us instantly more liked. I think some of these are no brainers, but others may seem a bit odd to you.

Texting has become one of the primary ways people communicate with one another. I know for me most of my communicating is done via text message. I do talk on the phone with my grandmother every day because well she doesn't have a phone and doesn't text.

Needless to say texting is here to stay so why not embrace it and become an even better text communicator.

  1. Embrace the emoji: "In a piece for The Huffington Postbest selling author Adam Gilad said when in doubt, use emojis. "Smileys. Pandas with signs. Images of planes, trains and automobiles. Emojis are not only often adorable — they are amazingly clear. In fact, linguists say it’s the first new language to be invented in a very, very long time," Gilad said. And I know, emojis can seem kind of lame." And yes, emojis are awesome, but don't be that person that repeatedly uses the winking emoji because it just becomes lame.
  2. Use Pictures: "A picture of something funny you saw at the grocery store, or a super pretty landscape, is always more engaging than a, "Hey, what's up?" It's also a chance to showcase your creativity and sense of humor."
  3. Something Should Not Be texted: Want to breakup with the person or have some big news to share? Think twice before doing it via text. Some things should be saved for face-to-face or a good old fashioned phone call.
  4. Limit the Use Of Haha: Can we add LOL to this too? If you use one or both of these too much it seems fake. It also shows that you aren't quick with the comebacks.
  5. Pace Yourself: If you're having a text conversation don't send three text messages for every one the other person sends. It seems almost over bearing.

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