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UPDATE: 2 Year Old Alligator Victim's Body Has Been Found

Update: The body of the young child attacked by an alligator in Disney World has been found, as told by CNN updates.

Officials told CNN (shared by Stephanie Gallman, CNN Writer and Producer) that the body of the 2-year old boy that was dragged away by an alligator at the Disney World resort has been found.

Stephanie Gallman on Twitter

The body of the 2-year-old boy dragged under water by alligator at a Disney resort has been recovered, officials tell #CNN #BREAKING


Original Story: Disney World Closes Beaches After Alligator Attack (11:30 AM):

As you've probably heard by now, post mass shooting, there's another sad story coming out of Florida. A little boy, 2 years old, was attacked outside the Grand Floridian Hotel on the Disney World Resort. 

CNN reports that Disney has now closed all of it's beaches in the resort areas now, out of fear and caution for the rest of it's vacationers.

They are still searching for the child that was taken, but the outlook is that they are hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

Given that it also came out recently that Disney World was also a potential target for the Orlando shooter, the emotions are presumably heightened in the area.


Eliott C. McLaughlin on Twitter

Sheriff: Marine units, divers, sonar, choppers & trapper employed to find 2-yo & 4- to 7-foot alligator at #Disney.pic.twitter.com/CKaLQACqew

As of right now, the New York Post has the young boy still quoted as missing, rather than the worst.


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