Married Couples That Do This Together Stay Together

It seems they are constantly doing studies on marriage and how to have a happy and successful marriage. You've probably heard the saying before "couples that (insert verb) together stay together'. Well now we know what that thing is. 

Although the divorce rate has gone down, a lot of married couples end up getting divorced still. So how can we prevent it?

A new study has found that couples that engage in this on activity are more likely to stay together. I am sure you're thinking working out or something healthy like that. Well you are oh so wrong.

A study that examined 2,767 couples over the course of a decade found those that drank at the same rate were happiest in their marriages, particularly the wives. But what if I don't drink? Or what if your husband doesn't drink? Or maybe you both don't drink.

Good news for those non-drinkers too. Couples that don't drink stay together too.

"The study participants, who’d been married for an average of 33 years, seemed to be most unhappy when only one partner drank frequently. " It makes sense. If you've ever been in a relationship with someone who drinks a lot more than you, you know it's not easy. There's nothing sexy about having to babysit the drunk!

Married Couples Who Drink Together Stay Together, According To This Study

Every friend group has a "cool" couple. They're inevitably about twice as good-looking as everyone else, arrive just 10 minutes after the party's started and match one another shot for shot of whiskey. While the rest of you are getting sweaty and tired, the chemistry between these two is palpable.