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More Words Officially Added To The Dictionary

I feel like I just wrote about new words being added to the dictionary a few weeks back. Well I guess there are more words that need to be added because today I have a whole new list for you.

Yesterday added hundreds of words to their online system. How do they choose what words to add? “We get over 5.5 billion word lookups every year, and we analyze those lookups to identify new words that we haven’t seen before,” says CEO Liz McMillan. “And when we see a critical mass of volume against a particular word, our lexicography team will start researching.” There is still an element of editorial discretion, she notes, describing the process as “algorithm first and human second.”

So here are some of the words that really stood out from the list!

Woke, which means being actively aware of systematic injustices and prejudices, especially those related to civil and human rights. As you can imagine a lot of the new words were tech related like click fraud, digital badge, and kill switch. And Pokemon has officially been added as well and just in the nick of time with the Pokemon Go APP only growing in popularity.

Some of my personal favorites are butt-hurt and d-bag!

Check out the full list of words below. Adds 'Woke,' 'Pokemon' and 'Butthurt' added hundreds of new words to the online reference on Tuesday, in a way that shows how dictionaries are operating in the digital age. Whereas dictionary editors once only had reading materials and their own sensibilities to decide which words needed to be added, they're now leveraging data about what people are actually looking up - or at least trying to look up.