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Words: Make Or Break Our Brains

Have you heard the saying, “change your words, change your life”? [Not referring to book by that title]. Years ago I was diagnosed with a clinical depression. If you asked me what words I was thinking, you’d hear –my life sucks, things are never going to change, I hate..., etc. With head down I felt weak inside and out. Nowadays ask me about my thoughts and you’d hear more often than not –things are great, this is beautiful, thank you, I love..., etc. You will usually find me smiling and feeling energetic.

Research has found that the words we use not only influence our mood & behavior, but also strengthen or weaken our brain:

Doctors Say Your Word Choice Can Hugely Change Your Brain

Be careful because the next word you say could determine how your day is, or the rest of your life might pan out. Doctors at Thomas Jefferson University explained that the choice of our words could actually have more impact on our lives than we actually think.