Technology, Coming To A Toilet Near You?

When you think technology you're probably thinking about computers, televisions, and other electronics. But Japan is all about adding technology to the most unlikely of places. That unlikely place... their fancy toilets. 

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Toilet technology? How could technology be incorporated into the throne?

In Japan, they've taken the Western toilets that we're accustomed to and added in a bidet. You may have encountered a bidet if you've traveled overseas, but here in the US, they are pretty uncommon.

These high-tech toilets have some pretty amazing features from heated seats to deodorizing spray to even playing music to relax the user. Yes, there are musical potties. One of the biggest features of these fancy toilets is the washlet feature that almost eliminates the need to use toilet paper. This feature is a nozzle the size of a pencil that comes out from underneath the toilet seat and squirts water to clean the user and the toilet after each use.

And these high-tech toilets are customizable just like a car. You can set a custom water temperature for your washlet and add a blow drying feature.

Meet Japan's high-tech toilets | First Class | CNBC International

Meet Japan's high-tech toilets. CNBC's Susan Li finds out how high tech these Japanese toilets can be. Subscribe to CNBC International: In this sneak peek of CNBC's travel program "First Class", Susan Li travels to Tokyo to find out more about the country's "super toilet" which does everything automatically.

If your mind isn't already blown the future features of this toilet are crazy. "Recently, researchers have added medical sensors into these toilets, which can measure the blood sugar based on the urine, and also measure the pulse, blood pressure, and the body fat content of the user." This data will be able to be sent directly to your doctor!!

Toto is one of the leading brands of toilets that develops these high-tech thrones. Although we may not see a toilet that plays music here in the US in the next few months, we can still enjoy some of the luxurious benefits of the washlet that can work with any toilet. Local service providers like Three Way Plumbing are a great place to start if you're looking to upgrade your throne.