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Some Schools Doing Away With Homework This Year

I used to dread getting homework when I was in school. By the time high school rolled around I tried to do my homework in study hall or homeroom because I wanted my time out of school to be for fun things. As a new school year begins one school in Massachusetts has decided to do something completely different with homework this year. 

Students at Kelly Elementary School in Holyoke won't have any homework for the entire year. According to a new study, homework on the elementary school level doesn't do anything to improve academic performance.

And some teachers are also deciding to forgo giving homework too. This letter from one teacher has gone viral.

Andrew Carrillo on Twitter

I agree with this teacher's no homework policy.pic.twitter.com/I523fhcQdU

I love that teacher's letter and how she's encouraging parents to spend more time with their kids.

I don't have kids but, have seen the frustration some of my friends with kids deal with when it comes to homework. Some really young kids are getting tons of homework and some of it is super hard. I think the only concern I would have with the schools above not giving any homework is that it may hurt the student down the road. Maybe they can cut back on homework, but cutting out homework completely may not help them best prepare for middle and high school when they'd get a ton of homework.

This School Is Giving No Homework for an Entire Year

And research suggests more teachers should do the same. ​