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Is Ryan Lochte Joining 'Dancing With The Stars'?

How does one come back after an Olympic sized scandal? They join the cast of a reality TV show, of course! Ha

ABC's Dancing With the Stars is set to announce its 23rd season cast next Tuesday. But there has been a lot of speculation on who may be on the next season.

I told you that DWTS producers were really interested in getting some Olympic Athletes for the new season. And Simone Biles is rumored to be a definite on season 23. If she does end up being cast, that's who I predict will win it all.

But now Ryan Lochte is trying to get himself cast on the upcoming season too. He's had a lot of bad press recently after the Rio Robbery incident. He also still faces possible suspension from the US Olympic Committee.

“Lochte has agreed to season 23 of Dancing With The Stars,” a source told Radar of the Olympian, 32. “This is all part of a well-orchestrated and carefully planned career redemption tour being organized by some of the best public relations advisors and crisis managers in the business.”

What's the best way to come back from controversy? Apparently for Lochte is may be shaking what his mama gave him!

Damage Control! Desperate Ryan Lochte Signs On To 'DWTS' After Rio Scandal

After he was caught in his own lie, Ryan Lochte is hoping to dance away from his shocking Rio scandal and to the Mirrorball, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. "Lochte has agreed to season 23 of Dancing With The Stars," a source told Radar of the disgraced Olympian.