Ryan Lochte Endorsing Crime Prevention Device?

Ryan Lochte learned a hard lesson that lying is never a good idea especially when it comes to a crime in a foreign country. The shamed swimmer ended up losing most of his big money endorsements like Speedo and Ralph Lauren. And while those companies don't want to do business with Lochte anymore, others are looking to profit from his Rio robbery mishap. 

Yesterday, Lochte finally confessed to lying about what really happened in Rio during a Today Show Interview. He did multiple interviews since the incident happened, but never owned up to lying.

He also shared a promo video yesterday for his new endorsement for a crime prevention device.

Excited to partner with @robocopp

See this Instagram video by @ryanlochte * 3,647 likes

I guess this would be the perfect thing for the next time you aren't really being robbed at gunpoint? LOL

Ryan also has a new endorsement from a cough drop company. We aren't sure how much either company is paying to use him, but we'd be willing to guess it's nowhere near the amount he was making from Speedo.

U.S. Swimmer Ryan Lochte Gets New Endorsements - WCCB Charlotte

(CNN) - Olympic medal winner Ryan Lochte has yet another new endorsement deal. On Tuesday the swimmer who admits he lied about being a crime victim while he was in Rio for the 2016 Olympics posted a promo video on Instagram and Twitter announcing a deal with Robocopp - a crime prevention device maker.