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Food Delivery Via Drones Now Being Tested

Drones are super cool for taking ariel photos and videos. Amazon even uses them for their Amazon Prime Air in certain US cities. And now drones may be bringing you delivery food too in the very near future. 

Delivery cars and vans are so out and delivery drones are in at least for one chain restaurant.

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Some lucky Virginia Tech students will soon receive their Chipotle fix via a Google drone https://t.co/EnRY7rutAe

Chipotle is currently testing drone deliveries for their burritos! The testing is going on at Virginia Tech and soon students will be able to place an order and have their carnitas burrito delivered via drone.

Domino's just rolled out those fancy delivery cars with the built in over a few months ago. Could drone delivery be the standard soon for more restaurants and retail stores?

Google drones will deliver Chipotle burritos at Virginia Tech

Project Wing, a drone project in Google's X lab, will begin testing drone delivery of burritos at Virginia Tech later this month. Google expects to conduct a few hundred deliveries over the course of several days or potentially weeks. Burritos won't be delivered just anywhere on campus.