Pets Hate American Politics Video

We are suckers for a good pet video. And this one is definitely good and is perfect to share today because everyone is still talking about the first Presidential Debate from last night.

It was the most tweeted Presidential debate ever. It's not to say that more people were watching, but more people are using twitter than previous years of elections.

I'm pretty sure that after last night's debate more people are looking into moving to Canada.

This video popped up on my facebook news feed today and I had to share it because it's pets and politics. As it turns out pets aren't big fans of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

My Dog Really Hates Hillary Clinton Prank - Reviving Passion ---- like us on facebook! Support us by clicking subscribe, sharing, and liking.#yougave Our giving depends on you guys watching and clicking, so the more you watch the more we give! New Videos soon. Buster was not hurt during filming or training for the video.

And I also found this video featuring a dog getting treats for all the original candidates for President. He takes all the treats except the ones from Hillary.

Pets hate Donald Trump and American Politics

Pets hate Donald Trump