Chocolate Cheese Is An Actual Thing Now

I love chocolate. I also love cheese. But I am not sure how I feel about this new food creation chocolate cheese.

Yes, it's a real thing and not some internet social media hoax!

A first ever chocolate cheese has just landed at @curdswhey! It's an Italian blue cheese ripened in chocolate liqueur, then rubbed in cocoa and decorated with chocolate chips. Fresh from Italy just last week and never before found in Melbourne! Be the first to try it at the market this week. #vicmarket #new #chocolatecheese #cheese #cheeselover #chocolate #chocolateliqueur #cocoa #delicious #yummy #bluecheese #italiancheese #italian #yummy #melbourne #melbournelife #melbournefood #foodie #melbournecity

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That's chocolate blue cheese. If you've had blue cheese you know it's pretty strong. I cannot even imagine how that combination may taste.

Apparently those that have tasted it have fallen in love because the cheese maker is reporting that they are completely sold out.

Choco 21 has now sold out. Thank you to all of those who came in early to grab a piece. To those who missed out we will have more in stock in the next few weeks.

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If you are wanting to give this new food trend a try, you better book a trip to Melbourne, Australia. As of right now no one in the US is making it. I am sure if this trend really takes off we will see it popping up somewhere soon.

I'm just wondering if this would be more of a dessert cheese since it has chocolate in it?