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Morons: Don't answer the call.

Today on morons in the news: Man attempts to retrieve cell phone from port a potty. 18 year old wants her facebook picture updated on the police blotter. Fake hockey player scores the beer. See the rest at

Lamar reviews - War Dogs

Full disclaimer, I don’t love Jonah Hill.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his talent as an actor.  He was great in Superbad, he was fantastic in the Jump Street movies, excellent in The Wolf of Wall Street, and to be honest he’s good in War Dogs.  He is the go to actor when you……

Morons: Dog days of driving.

Today on the Bob and Sheri show: Teenager calls police because of family vacation. Skinny dippers caught in the apartment complex. Carjack by canine. See the rest at

Morons: The look of love.

Today on Morons in the news.... Test drive takes out five cars. Woman takes ambulance home from hospital. The look of the mini van.   Police: Ohio Man, 35, Tried To Have Sex With A Red Van Just when you think you have seen it all, a guy goes and allegedly tries to fornicate with……

Lamar reviews - Ben Hur

The 1959 Epic Ben-Hur starring Charlton Heston, with 11 Academy Awards, is the most decorated movie in history.  If this year’s Ghostbusters remake was a bad idea then making a new Ben-Hur movie would seem to make about as much sense as a Ryan Lochte endorsement deal. One generation can barely remember watching it and……

Morons: Camping with Monkeys.

Today on Morons in the News: Penguin walking with the police. Drunk man shows up to get his impounded car. Monkey takes on Wal-Mart employee. Butt-dial to 911 brings out the police. See the rest at

Morons: Ohhhh that smell!

Today on Morons in the news: Shoplifter caught goes on rampage. The Angry Birds always give it away. What's that smell?   Theft Suspect Trashed Store For 10 Minutes AUGUST 15--A woman spent nearly 10 minutes trashing a Florida market after the owner caught her stealing candy bars and locked the front door, according to……

Morons: Push the door.

Today on Morons in the News: Man falls asleep in trash compactor. Woman must finish the class. Man leaves child home alone to get Pokemon. Man attempts to break into an unlocked bar with no success. See the rest at

Sheri's Diary - Pokemon NO!!!!

Dear Diary,   I don't think I'm being paranoid when I say this, but am starting to wonder if PokemonGo is just straight up f***ing with me. Yesterday, an Abra popped up. I fed it a raspberry AND threw a Great Ball at it. Caught it 4 times - and it escaped 4 times. My……

Lamar reviews - Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad has been described to me as a modern day comic book takeoff on the  great 1967 movie The Dirty Dozen, starring Lee Marvin.  If there is any justice in the world, this will be the last time those two movies will be spoken about in the same sentence. This has been a……

Morons: Big winner... NOT!

Today on Morons in the news: Casino patron decides to rob the bank. Robbers try to pawn the owner's all stuff Snapchat... bang bang! Terminator cutout confused as robber. See the rest at