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Dancing With The Stars Emotional Tribute To Father

If you didn't tear up last night during or after Bindi Irwin's "Dancing with the Stars" freestyle, then check your pulse because its possible you don't have a heart.  Bindi paid tribute to her late father earlier this season, but she had the audience and the judges in tears this time around. Bindi does have…

Oprah makes $60M from Weight Watchers

Oprah Winfrey – who has always been open about her struggles with weight – clearly believes in Weight Watchers. She just bought 10% of the company's stock, sending share prices soaring. But does the 52-year-old Weight Watchers – the granddaddy of all commercial weight-loss plans – actually work? Only modestly, research shows. Oprah gets stake in Weight Watchers, but…

Ramona vs. The Prostitute

It all started with this tweet: I call BULL on .@DennisHof & #BunnyLoveRanch hookers who claim they had no idea #LamarOdom was doing drugs — Ramona Holloway (@RamonaHolloway) October 14, 2015 Next thing you know, Ramona's receiving a barrage of angry tweets from an actual prostitute who supports Hof and his brothel.  Things got…

Lamar Odom's Supplements May Have Been Spiked

Sexual enhancement supplements – like those reportedly taken by Lamar Odom before he collapsed at a Nevada brothel – are often spiked with powerful and hidden pharmaceuticals, despite labels claiming they only contain herbs and other natural ingredients, experts and regulators have warned for years. Lamar Odom's sex enhancement supplements may have been spiked

Michelle Duggar Advice To Women...

Michelle Duggar's family has been involved with a sex scandal as her son Josh, 27, revealed he molested two of his sisters, Jessa and Jill, and also had used the cheat site Ashley Madison. The married father is currently in rehab.

Demi Lovato Vanity Fair -- Here's What I Look Like Naked

Demi Lovato just did better than a 'no make-up' photo shoot ... she went no clothes. Lovato was doing a pictorial with Vanity Fair when she decided to strip down for a truly natural shoot. Lovato has been very open about her bouts with eating disorders and body issues ... and is hoping she can send a message for "loving the skin you're in."

Jonas Brothers Patriarch To Open Belmont Restaurant

In 2013, the family of the musically-famed Jonas Brothers bought the space at 36 N. Main St., which formerly housed an antique and consignment shop. After two years of fine-tuning, they have announced their concept for the eatery, which will occupy 10,000 square feet at the corner of Main and Catawba streets.