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Help Build a Pool for James


July 23, 2013
12:00 am
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James House in Denver, NC

Mr. James Stillman is a 62 year old Army vet and a 16 year member of the rescue squad living in rural Denver, NC.  As a rescue member, James manned the ‘Crash Truck’ whereby he worked the  Jaws of Life device freeing countless of individuals from the ravages of horrendous accidents of all kind during his career.  Currently James is wheel-chair bound due to losing one leg just below the knee because of Diabetes. The other foot has already surrendered two toes and the bone in that same foot has major infection and will be lost. James has suffered 4 heart-attacks and struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  His kindness seems to know no bounds in that James has taken into his very modest home of 1200 square feet, 5 additional friends and family along with his wife Linda and daughter Michelle. The age range is from 8 year old Bailey to 40 something single mother Chrissie, who suffers from MS and whose home was condemned. Also, Chrissies son Jordan, has brain lesions and recurrent seizures.There are 8 people living in the home along with 6 dogs and 2 cats. In a sense, they’ve all been rescued

James has a very old but salvageable above-ground swimming pool he bought from a friend and has promised the family for years to construct. However, his deterriating health has prevented his doing so. DoingMyPart proposes a good old fashion neighborly/community ‘Barn Raising’ event to BUILD THE POOL!

The date has been set for July 23rd.  We are seeking volunteers, supporters and contributors in furthering the Million Good Deeds Campaign.

 James would like to pass on a paraplegic chair he has sitting in a shed to a child thus Doing His Part. 

Although there is a collapsed floor in one section of the home, DoingMyPart will focus its’ energies on James wishes for the pool construction at this time.

We will set up several stations to help make this dream happen.

1.  Power wash station – all pieces of this old pool will need scrubbing.

2.  Sanding station – the bottom brackets and rail will need a light sanding.

3.  Drying station – once sanded, a high pressure blower will be used to prep pieces.

4.  Paint station – bottom brackets and rails will receive a coat of Rust-Oleum paint.

5.  Assembly team – a minimum of 5 members along with project manager.

6.  Camera team – a minimum of 2 high-def video cameras filming and conducting interviews.

7.  Support team – all duties related to team safety and well-being. 

To be a part of the movement go to www.doingmypart.com or call 704-258-1943