Friends You Don't Want Your Partner To Meet

Let’s admit this. We all have some friends that we never want our boyfriend to meet. "There are some friends that stir up a sense of insecurity within us and creates a feeling of discomfort," says relationship expert Madhu Kotiya.

9 Signs He Is Not Going To Marry You

Does he get uneasy and avoids you whenever you try and talk about your future to him? Or he dodges the topic every time you bring it up? Be alert, ladies! He might have something cooking in his mind. It could be a sign that he doesn’t want to marry you.

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

A group in New York attempted to set the world record for most birthday candles on a cake. The cake was 80 feet long, and the total number of candles was 72,585. They had to use blowtorches to get them all lit fast enough.  And they had to keep burning for at least 40 seconds. Now THAT…

Tour John Edwards $6.9 Million Home

It'll cost you about $25,000 a month to own the Chapel Hill estate of former Democratic senator and presidential nominee John Edwards. The Wall Street journal reports that he put the home on the market for $6.9 million.  What does that kind of money buy?  A 5 bedroom house, 4 bedroom guest annex and UNC-themed…

Lonely Planet Names Asheville Best Destination In US

Lonely Planet gave Asheville the No. 1 slot on its "Best of U.S." list — despite a state law limiting LGBT rights that has led companies, entertainers and others to boycott the state — because the city "has always been an open, welcoming place, and continues to be after the legislation," Lonely Planet magazine managing editor…