What Your Desk Looks Like Can Reveal Your True Personality

Rumor has is that owners of messy spaces have messy minds. We might have also heard that those with messy spaces are the creative types, the artists, the inventors. Think about all those cliche’d Hollywood films of artists living in warehouses, paint flung across huge canvases, their entire wardrobe strewn from bedroom to kitchen. Cats…

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

I have a feeling being this guy's mom is a difficult and challenging task to say the least. Watch as he performs an entire montage of lip syncing to the hottest songs on the radio right now. His mom is very tolerant but she will not stand for twerking in the car without a seat…

Study Says Owning A Cat Or A Dog Tells Much About Your Personality

A new wave of pet-friendly dating websites signal something many have known all along – that pet-owners make better lovers. Well, maybe not lovers, but according to a new study from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas led by anthropology professor Peter Gray, owning a pet indicates you are more likely to possess care-giving tendencies that…

The #1 Thing Happily Married Couples Don't Do

There's tons of advice out there on what to do to have a healthy, long-lasting marriage, but what about what not to do? According to relationship columnist Dave Willis, who has, along with wife Ashley, spent years interviewing happy couples, attending marriage conferences, reading books on the matter, and looking at feedback submitted online from thousands…

The "R" Word That Re-Ignites Passion

Has the fire of passion that kept you awake all night in the initial years after marriage all but died down? Don't fret any more even if it has, for there are ways that couples can sustain - or relight - their passion, new research suggests.

The Lies Women Tell To Their Doctors

It's normal to fib about some things. "So sorry we won't make the potluck — can't find a sitter." You promise your mother you'll call. But the one person you should never, ever lie to is your doctor. Yet we do. All the time.

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

When a man tries to scare off a raccoon from his back porch with his broom, he gets more than he bargained for when momma raccoon defends her babies..checkout the video that made Ramona scream and leave the room...(*warning adult language*)

Marriage Advice For Newlyweds

Last November, Hyong Yi’s 100 Love Notes project, created to honor his late wife’s legacy, inspired millions of people worldwide to reach out to their loved ones. And now the man behind the movement (and a forthcoming book on the subject) wants to speak directly to newlyweds—and anyone who wants to build a relationship that lasts.