Is Britney Spears Ready to Stand on Her Own?

The disturbing images seem so distant now: the pop-star-turned-cautionary tabloid tale — head shorn, face twisted, umbrella gripped like a police baton as she bashed a paparazzi S.U.V. window. More than eight years after her meltdown, Britney Spears, at 34, appears to be thriving.

Matt Harris Previews His Stiletto Swagger

Wanna see smooth moves like this? And this? How about THIS?!?! Then join Matt and Doc on Saturday, May 7 at Park Road Park for the Shake, Swagger & Stroll event! Theyll be strapping on their heels and taking part in the "Stiletto Swagger" walk to benefit the women of Dress For Success Charlotte. For…

Your Brain Limits You to Just Five BFFs

Back in the 1990s, the British anthropologist Robin Dunbar noticed a remarkable correlation between primate brain size and the social groups they formed. This correlation was simple: the bigger their brains, the larger their social groups.

7 Things You Need to Know about Dancing with the Stars

1) NFL Star Antonio Brown is the sweatiest contestant to ever compete. They have to give the guy a towel when he's done. He's also had some erection issues during rehearsals. The tango obviously turns that guy all the way on. 2) Antonio's pro partner, Sharna, had a nip slip on live TV last night.…