Pop Princess…NO! POP QUEEN….made a big announcement today and said she will be the newest coach on The Voice!  She will be replacing Nick Jonas but showed him some love in her tweet saying “We will miss you”!  The show usually has some turnover with the coaches but you couldn’t ask for a bigger name in the game than Ariana Grande.  I’m sure it would be a dream come true for the contestants to receive some advice from the mega star.  My only concern is that Ariana is sooooooo good that she might try to suggest things for the contestants to do but in reality only Ariana would be able to pull them off.  It would be like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan trying to coach basketball players to do the things they did but they are two of the greatest of all time and not everyone can do those things lol!  It should be a good time and it is a great addition to the show!



source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/television/9548362/ariana-grande-joins-the-voice-season-21/

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