Dr. Drew

Source: Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who downplayed COVID-19 back in March and described it once as a “press-induced panic,” revealed he tested positive on Wednesday (December 30).

In an Instagram post, Dr. Drew said he’s had strong symptoms of the coronavirus since Saturday. On Tuesday (December 29), his test came back positive. His wife and children have tested negative for the virus which has claimed the lives of over 300,000 Americans since March.

“Thanks for checking in on me, I appreciate all the kind shout-outs,” he said.

The 62-year-old Pinsky starred in the VH1 reality series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, pushing him to national prominence as the celeb doc who examined the addictive disorders of certain celebrities. He apologized in April for his prior statements where he downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus.

“I wish I had gotten it right, but I got it wrong,” Pinsky said.

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